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䷡→䷆ A Powerline segment for displaying information from Taskwarrior task manager
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Powerline Taskwarrior

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A set of Powerline segments for showing information retrieved from Taskwarrior task manager.

It shows a current context and the most urgent active task.



Taskwarrior segments require task v2.4.2 or later.


With pip:

pip install --user -U powerline-taskwarrior

On Debian (testing or unstable), installation can be performed with apt:

apt install python-powerline-taskwarrior

To activate Taskwarrior segments add them to your segment configuration, for example in ~/.config/powerline/themes/shell/default.json:

display current context name

    "function": "powerline_taskwarrior.context",
    "priority": 70

display the most urgent active task

    "function": "powerline_taskwarrior.active_task",
    "priority": 70

display the most urgent next task

    "function": "powerline_taskwarrior.next_task",
    "priority": 70

obsolete segment displays both of listed above

    "function": "powerline_taskwarrior.taskwarrior",
    "priority": 70


If you have a custom name for task command, it should be specified in the segment configuration. powerline_taskwarrior.active_task and powerline_taskwarrior.next_task segments accept description_length parameter. It's maximum length of description. If the description is longer, it is truncated by words. powerline_taskwarrior.next_task segment accepts ignore_active parameter. If it set to true segment will be shown always, regardless of existence active task.

    "function": "powerline_taskwarrior.next_task",
    "priority": 70,
    "args": {
        "task": "taskwarrior",
        "description_length": 40

You can add you custom color set by adding:

  "taskwarrior:context":       "information:regular",
  "taskwarrior:active_id":     { "bg": "mediumgreen", "fg": "black", "attrs": [] },
  "taskwarrior:active_desc":   { "bg": "green", "fg": "black", "attrs": [] },
  "taskwarrior:next_id":       { "bg": "brightyellow", "fg": "black", "attrs": [] },
  "taskwarrior:next_desc":     { "bg": "yellow", "fg": "black", "attrs": [] }

to your colorschemes (.config/powerline/colorschemes/default.json). See powerline colorschemes docs.


Licensed under the MIT License.

By German Lashevich.

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