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UIUC CS Assitant

Group project of creating a website on helping UIUC CS students decide and manage their own CS classes registration based on their own CS tracks. (This project is the group project for CS411 Spring 2018)

Some functions

  1. Search classes where students can see average GPA, number of As, Bs etc. for the classes.
  2. A simple bi-typed heterogeneous information network to rank professors and classes.
  3. Contiguous frequent pattern mining function to extract patterns for classes based on their GPA and number of registered students.
  4. Users can check the average GPA for their own tracks, manage their own track classes and check their own progress on the tracks.
  5. Other small but interesting functions.

Languages and Packages

  1. React.js
  2. Express.js
  3. SCSS
  4. Python
  5. SQL
  6. Node.js

Setup Guide

  1. Install node.js modules (at least once): npm install
  2. Run and start: npm start
  3. Open http://localhost:55555/ in the browser
  4. Ctrl-C in terminal to stop server at anytime


Current Hosting Website


Other Useful UIUC Class Information Website

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