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(let ((*profiles* (table)))
(set! profile
(lambda (s)
(let ((f (top-level-value s)))
(put! *profiles* s (cons 0 0))
(set-top-level-value! s
(lambda args
(define tt (get *profiles* s))
(define count (car tt))
(define time (cdr tt))
(define t0 (
(define v (apply f args))
(set-cdr! tt (+ time (- ( t0)))
(set-car! tt (+ count 1))
(set! show-profiles
(lambda ()
(define pr (filter (lambda (x) (> (cadr x) 0))
(table.pairs *profiles*)))
(define width (+ 4
(apply max
(map (lambda (x)
(length (string x)))
(cons 'Function
(map car pr))))))
(princ (string.rpad "Function" width #\ )
"#Calls Time (seconds)")
(princ (string.rpad "--------" width #\ )
"------ --------------")
(lambda (p)
(princ (string.rpad (string (caddr p)) width #\ )
(string.rpad (string (cadr p)) 11 #\ )
(car p))
(simple-sort (map (lambda (l) (reverse (to-proper l)))
(set! clear-profiles
(lambda ()
(for-each (lambda (k)
(put! *profiles* k (cons 0 0)))
(table.keys *profiles*)))))
(for-each profile
'(syntactic-op? syntactic-unary-op? newline?
identifier-char? opchar? operator? skip-to-eol
accum-tok-eager read-number read-operator
skip-ws-and-comments next-token peek-token require-token
parse-LtoR parse-RtoL parse-cond parse-call parse-atom
julia-parse-file julia-parse
quoted? lam:args lam:vars lam:vinfo lam:body
fsig-to-lambda-list arg-name llist-vars llist-types
decl-var decl-type to-LFF
remove-argument-side-effects expand-update-operator
expand-compare-chain process-indexes function-expr
symbols->typevars generic-function-def-expr
struct-def-expr type-def-expr index-p
identify-locals declared-local-vars
rename-vars flatten-scopes make-var-info vinfo:name
vinfo:type vinfo:capt vinfo:set-type! vinfo:set-capt!
var-info-for lambda-all-vars fix-seq-type analyze-vars
analyze-variables closure-convert goto-form
expand-backquote julia-expand-backquote
julia-expand closure-convert- pattern-expand
lookup-var-type lookup-v
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