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DNS for Pharo (Smalltalk)

This is an implementation of DNS encoding/decoding, transport. It includes the beginning of a stub resolver and should be a modern replacement for NetNameResolver.

Example usage

A DNSQuery can be sent over UDP, TCP or TLS (TLS over TCP). An example query sent over UDP is:

PaleoDNSTLSTransport new
	destAddress: #[8 8 4 4] port: 853;
	timeout: 2 seconds;
	query: (PaleoDNSQuery new
			   transactionId: (SharedRandom globalGenerator nextInt: 65535);
				addQuestion: (PaleoRRA new rr_name: '');
				addAdditional: (PaleoRROpt new udpPayloadSize: 4096))

Your contribution here

If you are interested to modernize Pharo, want to learn about a protocol we use all the time. Then please consider making a contribution.

Below you can see a list of tasks and who implemented them. Most of them are bite sized tasks and easy to implement.

Unix integration

  • Parse /etc/hosts and build local database (todo)
  • Parse /etc/resolv.conf (todo)
  • Parse hosts: in /etc/nsswitch.conf

MacOS integration

  • Get system configuration?

Windows integration

  • Tell me!

Stub resolver

  • Add a basic stub resolver
  • Add validation (transactionId match, qname matches)
  • Add caching and respect TTL
  • Add 0x20 randomization to the qname
  • Respect platform settings


  • Validate UDP src addr/port match the dest one
  • Validate TLS certificate
  • Add DNS over HTTP (DoH) support
  • Learn reasonable timeouts for look-up based on past look-ups.

Resource Records:

Not all of them are equally important. The list attempts to order them in importannce.

  • A record (zecke)

  • OPT record (zecke)

  • AAAA record

  • NS record

  • CNAME record

  • SOA record

  • SRV record

  • MX record

  • TXT record

  • NULL record

  • PTR record

  • HINFO record

  • MINFO record

  • RP record

  • AFSDB record

  • RT record

  • SIG record

  • KEY record

  • LOC record

  • NAPTR record

  • KX record

  • CERT record

  • DNAME record

  • APL record

  • DS record

  • SSHFP record

  • IPSECKEY record

  • RRSIG record

  • NSEC record

  • DNSKEY record

  • DHCID record

  • NSEC3 record

  • NSEC3PARAM record

  • TLSA record

  • CDS record

  • CDNSKEY record

  • SPF record

  • NID record

  • L32 record

  • L64 record

  • LP record

  • EUI48 record

  • EUI64 record

  • TKEY record

  • TSIG record

  • IXFR record

  • AFXR record

  • ANY record

  • URI record

  • CAA record

EDNS Options

EDNS(0) is a way to extend DNS. The OPT record will contain a list of options. The most prominent is the Client Subnet Option (ECS).

  • Client Subnet (RFC 7871)
  • Padding (RFC 8467)


DNSSEC allows an authoriative server to sign a response and a validating resolver will validate this. It's a complicated protocol and we could add support here (e.g. to build a resolver).


DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) is a separate root of trust anchored in DNS. This could be integrated with Zinc. The primary RFC is 6698.

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