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@zit-hb zit-hb released this Sep 6, 2020

This update enables PIE and updates tests for newer Boost versions.

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@zit-hb zit-hb released this Mar 6, 2016

This update fixes a critical bug that is caused by null-bytes.

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@zit-hb zit-hb released this Jan 11, 2016

  • Added integrity check
  • Replaced blacklist filters with completely new filters
  • Added cache for database access
  • Added security limitations for requests and parameters
  • Updated signature code to use timing independent comparison
  • Removed unnecessary indices from database
  • Replaced wildcards with stored procedures
  • Added wildcard support to profile server ip
  • Changed model structure
  • Added resource to request
  • Replaced learning with more general mode
  • Added unit tests
  • Added Travis-CI integration
  • Added const-correctness
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@zit-hb zit-hb released this May 16, 2015

The last performance improvement introduced a small bug in the storage queue. If many requests are pushed to the storage queue at the same time it is possible that a small percentage of them are not saved permanently. This is not a critical bug, but it still should not happen.

  • Fixed bug in storage queue
  • Improved flooding database queries to allow to disable check
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@zit-hb zit-hb released this May 2, 2015

This update introduces two non-critical patches:

  • Replaced sleep in storage consumer thread with condition variable to improve performance
  • Added mutex for log just in case
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@zit-hb zit-hb released this Apr 8, 2015

This update fixes a minor bug in the storage queue:

  • Added graceful shut down for storage thread
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@zit-hb zit-hb released this Mar 26, 2015

This update improves the performance and attack detection:

  • Added native flood protection
  • Optimized storage with a queue and database modifications
  • Revised blacklist filters
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@zit-hb zit-hb released this Jan 21, 2015

First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

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