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WebDKP is a website and addon for managing DKP for World of Warcraft. It was created for the first version of WoW in 2006.

This is the official repo, which has started to receive updates in 2019 based on interest in WoW Classic.

What is DKP?

DKP, short for “Dragon Kills Points”, is a method of rewarding items to players in game based on their contribution. In general, users receive ‘DKP Points’ whenever they participate in raid or help the guild. They can then ‘spend’ these points when items drop during raids to purchase them. In this way, players who consistently help the guild can fairly earn items.

What does WebDKP do?

WebDKP helps manage your Guilds DKP and makes your life easier. It has two parts: an in game Addon for awarding and viewing DKP, and the site that allows you to share your DKP table online. The site and Addon are easy to use and can save hours of work.

Development Setup

A pre-configured stack is provided as Docker images. It should start up a local version of the site using Apache, PHP, MySQL, and phpmyadmin. It will also prime your local database with some initial site data.


  1. Install Docker (Win/Mac or Linux)

  2. Start the server

docker-compose up
  1. Add a WoW server to the database
  • Open phpmyadmin at http://localhost:8080/
  • View the table webdkp_main > dkp_servers
  • Add your sever as a new table row
  1. Visit http://localhost to see the site and register an account


A GitHub action will automatically deploy the master branch when it is updated.