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A module for Dota2 UI
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Flash/Scaleform is deprecated in Dota2Reborn. No further support for this module.



A custom UI module for use by map makers Version 1.02

Preview links: Gold only | Point only | Gold and point | Info tab

Youtube links: Gold only | Point only | Gold and point | Whole screen

  • Buying spells
    • Using gold
    • Using skillpoints (can buy/sell skillpoints)
    • Using both gold and skillpoints
  • Selling spells
  • Showing info
    • About the spellshop, or about your mod, or you can even write a novel so people have something to do while respawning
  • Custom icons
  • Put the files in their correct folders
  • It's not necessary to edit the .swf, but feel free to do so (source is included in "src SpellShopUI" folder)
  • Check and edit the files in "scripts/spell_shop_ui/"
  • Check and edit Lua files in "scripts/vscripts/spell_shop_ui.lua"
    • I'm no Lua coder, so I called the SpellShopUI:InitGameMode(); from within addon_game_mode.lua
    • The spells don't work as it is (the casting)! You have to precache stuff or do something else within Lua - I don't know, it's up to you.
      • Check Legends of Dota by Ash47 or something. I'm sorry, I can't help you with that
  • Put your custom icons (128 x 128) in "resource/flash3/images/spellicons/", PNG format
  • Located in custom_events.txt, most are self explanatory
  • I didn't list all of them here
		"player_ID"		"short"
// toggle the _canOpen stat of the shop (if true changes to false, if false changes to true)

		"player_ID"		"short"
// force the shop open (for example, when entering the trigger area or something. state must allow it)
// "spell_shop_ui_shop_close" is the same but for forcing close

		"player_ID"		"short"
		"_limit"		"short"
// "_limit" is the number of different spells/abilities a player can own
  • V1.02
fixed the problem with sorting where i dun goofed it like a retard, loading more than 100 spells works correctly now
  • V1.01
added spells_default.txt
  - set default values for spells, other than _ID. then you dont have to write everything in the spells.txt, just the values that you dont want to pull from the spells_default.txt
  • Please contact me with any requests or bugs. Constructive and uncostructive criticism is welcomed aswell.
zed` or zed`` on #dota2mods @
  • If you want to donate, I would be more than grateful! Please contact me as I live in a poor country w/o paypal donations :(
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