snipMate snippets for Zope and Plone development in Vim


Zope support for Vim's snipMate plugin

Tired of typing in endless boilerplate code when writing Zope applications?

This bundle will ease the pain in your fingertips and make development in Vim a more enjoyable and smooth experience... hopefully.


What is Zope?
Zope is a free and open-source object-oriented Python framework. See:
What is snipMate?
snipMate is a snippets extension for Vim. It is inspired by TextMate's popular 'code snippets' feature. See:
What is zope-snipmate-bundle?
This is a bundle of 'snipMate compatible' snippets generated from Tom Lazar and Witsch's excellent Zope snippets for TextMate. See:
What is provided by this bundle?
  • snipMate snippets for TAL, ZCML and common Zope and Plone code blocks.
  • A conversion script
Where can I get updated versions of this bundle?
I mantain the snippets and the conversion script on Github. See:


  • Vim
  • snipMate plugin
  • Python >=2.6


  • Copy the snippets in your $HOME/.vim/snippets/ directory

  • Add the following lines in your $HOME/.vimrc:

    au BufNewFile,BufRead *.pt set
    au BufNewFile,BufRead *.zcml set filetype=xml.zcml


See snipMate's homepage, or this screencast:
Conversion script

This conversion script will read all TextMate compatible snippets in a directory and convert them to snipMate's format.

Run with:

./ <TextMate snips directory> <Target directory>


zedr (Rigel Di Scala) <>


  • Tom Lazar and Witsch for their TextMate snippets