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#ifndef lcthw_List_h
#define lcthw_List_h
#include <stdlib.h>
struct ListNode;
typedef struct ListNode {
struct ListNode *next;
struct ListNode *prev;
void *value;
} ListNode;
typedef struct List {
int count;
ListNode *first;
ListNode *last;
} List;
List *List_create();
void List_destroy(List *list);
void List_clear(List *list);
void List_clear_destroy(List *list);
#define List_count(A) ((A)->count)
#define List_first(A) ((A)->first != NULL ? (A)->first->value : NULL)
#define List_last(A) ((A)->last != NULL ? (A)->last->value : NULL)
void List_push(List *list, void *value);
void *List_pop(List *list);
void List_shift(List *list, void *value);
void *List_unshift(List *list);
void *List_remove(List *list, ListNode *node);
#define LIST_FOREACH(L, S, M, V) ListNode *_node = NULL;\
ListNode *V = NULL;\
for(V = _node = L->S; _node != NULL; V = _node = _node->M)
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