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The code for the free email service.
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Librelist Mailing List Community Source

This is the code to, a free mailing list service I run mostly as a good thing for open source projects. I manage the service myself in my free time, but I rarely have time to actually work on this code. The code works, and hasn't really had problems in the years it's been running.

But, it's time to add some features people keep asking for, namely:

  1. Handling idiots who put "unsubscribe" in their emails.
  2. Making a decent web interface.
  3. Better spam blocking.
  4. Better detecting when a jackass posts in a loop.
  5. Improved archives.

To facilitate these features, I'm putting the code in github and looking for people to help. If you want to help, just grab the code and take a look. Then start using github to improve it. I'll then publish the improvements to and keep managing the service while the community defines what the service does.

My only request is that the following rules for librelist are held:

  1. No One Person Owns A List
  2. No Secret Administration Tactics
  3. No Member Information Disclosures
  4. No Strictly For-Profit Advertising
  5. I Have Final Say On Everything

And, to counter the eventual programmer's need to take the above rules and apply them infinitely until the service is useless, the four counter allowed things:

  1. An Elected Group Could Own A List
  2. The Target Of Administration Doesn't Need To Know
  3. Posting An Email Is Implicit Permission To Disclose That Email And Address
  4. People Giving Away Open Source To Make Money Aren't Strictly For-Profit
  5. I Don't Have A Lot Of Time So I'm Not Going To Block Much

With that, let the games begin. Feel free to use the github tracker to propose features. I'll work up instructions on installing this beast and getting it to run. I'll try to produce a test setup for people to get started with. If you want to contribute just do a pull request and I'll add you after I accept it.



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