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Adding CREDITS file and finishing up on README

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- [chaosaffe]( - Docker image for rclone and insight into his own set-up with rclone in a Kubernetes cluster
- [munnerz]( - Software discussions about approaches that could be taken as the project builds.
@@ -4,4 +4,45 @@

kube-rclone is a rclone mount solution for Kubernetes. It allows you to sync files and directories to and from different cloud storage providers i.e Google Drive. It creates a Daemonset across the Kubernetes cluster which mounts a volume on the `hostPath` that can be used with other services such as [kube-plex](

Coming soon...
## Prerequisites
* rclone config that has the cloud storage drive defined

This can be created by running `rclone config` which will take you through an interactive configuration session to generate the `rclone.conf` file.

## Setup
The setup guide will help you get rclone running as a Daemonset on Kubernetes.

1. Add the contents of the `rclone.conf` file into `files/rclone.conf`
2. Deploy the kube-rclone chart with the correct remote and path defined from the `rclone.conf` file

> helm install ./kube-rclone --name rclone \
--namespace rclone \
--set rclone.remote=[insert remote to mount here] \
--set rclone.path=[insert mount path for remote] \
--set rclone.readOnly=true

This will deploy a Daemonset across the Kubernetes cluster that will run rclone with the mounted remote i.e Google Drive on the `hostPath` of the node which can be used with other services.

Additional arguments can be set to customise `rclone mount` depending on the Kubernetes node resources. Some additional arguments have been commented out which are based on several user set-ups. They can be used based on user preference. Mount options can be found [here](

Example of pod logs:
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Cache DB path: /home/rclone/rclone-cache/cache.db
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Cache chunk path: /home/rclone/rclone-cache/cache
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Chunk Memory: true
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Chunk Size: 16M
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Chunk Total Size: 20G
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Chunk Clean Interval: 1m0s
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: Workers: 4
2019/06/28 22:15:58 INFO : gcache: File Age: 2d

## Constraints

It has only been tested with [kube-plex]( so far. There's still more work to be done to make it stable for other services e.g [Radarr]( and [Sonarr](

## Credits

Full credit list at: [](
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ spec:
- --config=/etc/rclone/rclone.conf
- --allow-non-empty
- --allow-other
{{- if eq .Values.rclone.readOnly "enabled" }}
{{- if eq .Values.rclone.readOnly "true" }}
- --read-only
{{ end }}
{{- range .Values.rclone.additionalArgs }}
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ rclone:
# mount path for remote
path: /mnt/disks/gdrive
# read only file system for remote (to protect from deletion of files)
readOnly: enabled
readOnly: true
# additional arguments for customising rclone
# mount options can be found here -

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