Contains an zeebe c# client implementation.
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Zeebe C# client

The Zeebe C# client is a C# wrapper implementation around the GRPC ( generated Zeebe client. It makes it possible to communicate with Zeebe Broker via the GRPC protocol, see the Zeebe documentation for more information about the Zeebe project.

Current supported Features

  • Request topology
  • JobWorker
  • Complete Job
  • Fail Job
  • Publish Message


To create a client use this:

  var zeebeClient = ZeebeClient.NewZeebeClient("localhost:26500");

Request topology

  ITopology top = await zeebeClient.TopologyRequest().Send(); 

Create an job worker

      .Handler((client, job) =>
        // business logic

Complete an job


Fail an job

  client.NewFailCommand(job.Key).Retries(job.Retries - 1).ErrorMessage("This job failed.").Send();