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@camunda-jenkins camunda-jenkins released this Jul 17, 2019 · 260 commits to develop since this release


Note: Zeebe 0.19.0 is our last planned release before we remove the "developer preview" label and release a "production-ready" Zeebe with 0.20.0. We expect to release 0.20.0 in mid-July 2019.

Breaking Changes

  • broker:
    • migrate RecordValue interfaces to protocol (e19529f1)
    • change package of asserts and generated types (9abc82236)
    • change type of Record#getTimestamp() to Long (04414316)
    • rename keys in workflow instance creation mapping (d32286b1)
    • disable variable indexing in elasticsearch exporter mappings (44a38909)
    • disable indexing of deployment resource in elasticsearch (8465e6a0)
    • remove metrics file writer (2aae727d)
    • rename document to variables in VariableDocumentRecord (41975975)
    • flatten RecordMetadata into Record (6593979f)
    • squash job headers into record value (46c8061d)
    • change custom headers to Map<String,String> (2d05e3bd)
    • IncidentRecord return ErrorType instead of String (79e2c080)
    • remove producer id from record (ff6b1dd5)
    • rework WorkflowInstanceCreationRecordValue (7ee99e7e)
  • clients/go: flatten job headers (1a1555de)
  • clients/java: reorganize packages (cdccc34c)


  • broker:
    • filter duplicated deployments (c34e5995)
    • expose elasticsearch exporter metrics (62448c75)
    • add exporter back off retry strategy (9a92c04b)
  • clients/java:
    • allow job handlers to throw exceptions (77192a92)
    • allow to set request timeout (2d7ac6b9)
  • gateway: add grpc metrics (aa7f47a6)

Bug Fixes

  • broker:
    • fixed missing distributed CREATEs during restart (a24c04f4)
    • reject deployments with duplicate process ids (46c929e4)
    • copy deployment resources (b79697a1)
    • fix transformation to get deployed workflows (743fe20a)
  • docker: remove deprecated JVM option (950795f8)
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