R package to apply conditional formatting rules to a data.frame
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Introduction to condformat

Sergio Oller 2017-11-20

condformat renders a data frame in which cells in columns are formatted according to several rules or criteria.

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Browse source code

Checkout the code and browse it at http://github.com/zeehio/condformat.

How to install condformat:


If you want to use the PDF output you will need the xcolor LaTeX package. Either use the full texlive distribution, or install latex-xcolor on Debian and derivatives.

Package installation

  • From CRAN:

  • To install the latest development version:



condformat(iris[c(1:5,70:75, 120:125),]) %>%
  rule_fill_discrete(Species) %>%
  rule_fill_discrete(c(Sepal.Width, Sepal.Length),
                     expression = Sepal.Width > Sepal.Length - 2.25,
                     colours = c("TRUE" = "#7D00FF")) %>%
  rule_fill_gradient2(Petal.Length) %>%
  rule_text_bold(c(Sepal.Length, Species), Species == "versicolor") %>%
                  expression = ifelse(Species == "setosa", "yellow", "")) %>%
  rule_fill_bar(Petal.Width, limits = c(0, NA)) %>%
  theme_grob(rows = NULL) %>%

This example covers most of the condformat rules.

Rules and engine support

Rule HTML LaTeX gtable
rule_fill_discrete X X X
rule_fill_gradient X X X
rule_fill_gradient2 X X X
rule_text_color X X X
rule_text_bold X X X
rule_fill_bar X X
rule_css X