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Broccoli: The Bro Client Communications Library

.. rst-class:: opening

  Broccoli is the "Bro client communications library". It allows you
  to create client sensors for the Bro intrusion detection system.
  Broccoli can speak a good subset of the Bro communication protocol,
  in particular, it can receive Bro IDs, send and receive Bro events,
  and send and receive event requests to/from peering Bros. You can
  currently create and receive values of pure types like integers,
  counters, timestamps, IP addresses, port numbers, booleans, and


You can find the latest Broccoli release for download at

Broccoli's git repository is located at

This document describes Broccoli 1.101-2. See the CHANGES file for version history.


The Broccoli library has been tested on Linux, the BSDs, and Solaris. A Windows build has not currently been tried but is part of our future plans. If you succeed in building Broccoli on other platforms, let us know!


Broccoli relies on the following libraries and tools, which need to be installed before you begin:

Flex (Fast Lexical Analyzer)
Flex is already installed on most systems, so with luck you can skip having to install it yourself.
Bison (GNU Parser Generator)
This comes with many systems, but if you get errors compiling parse.y, you will need to install it.
OpenSSL headers and libraries
For encrypted communication. These are likely installed, though some platforms may require installation of a 'devel' package for the headers.
CMake 2.6.3 or greater
CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system, typically not installed by default. See for more information regarding CMake and the installation steps below for how to use it to build this distribution. CMake generates native Makefiles that depend on GNU Make by default.

Broccoli can also make use of some optional libraries if they are found at installation time:

Libpcap headers and libraries
Network traffic capture library


To build and install into /usr/local:

make install

This will perform an out-of-source build into the build directory using the default build options and then install libraries into /usr/local/lib.

You can specify a different installation directory with:

./configure --prefix=<dir>

Or control the python bindings install destination more precisely with:

./configure --python-install-dir=<dir>

Run ./configure --help for more options.

Further notable configure options:

This one enables lots of debugging output. Be sure to disable this when using the library in a production environment! The output could easily end up in undersired places when the stdout of the program you've instrumented is used in other ways.
Broccoli can read key/value pairs from a config file. By default it is located in the etc directory of the installation root (exception: when using --prefix=/usr, /etc is used instead of /usr/etc). The default config file name is broccoli.conf. Using --with-configfile, you can override the location and name of the config file.

To use the library in other programs & configure scripts, use the broccoli-config script. It gives you the necessary configuration flags and linker flags for your system, see --cflags and --libs.

The API is contained in broccoli.h and pretty well documented. A few usage examples can be found in the test directory, in particular, the broping tool can be used to test event transmission and reception. Have a look at the policy file broping.bro for the events that need to be defined at the peering Bro. Try broping -h for a look at the available options.

Broccoli knows two kinds of version numbers: the release version number (as in "broccoli-x.y.tar.gz", or as shipped with Bro) and the shared library API version number (as in The former relates to changes in the tree, the latter to compatibility changes in the API.

Comments, feedback and patches are appreciated; please check the Bro website.


Please see the Broccoli User Manual and the Broccoli API Reference.


(DEPRECATED) Bro Client Communications Library




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