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An endpoint monitoring agent that provides host activity to Zeek
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Zeek Agent

The Zeek Agent is an endpoint monitoring tool for Linux that reports, by default, socket and process events to Zeek. Event data is captured from Audit using the Unix domain socket plugin that comes with Audisp, and is then presented to Zeek as an SQL database (using SQLite virtual tables internally).

Zeek-Agent can optionally also interface to osquery, allowing Zeek to access almost all the endpoint information that it provides (excluding only evented tables).

Pre-built, statically linked zeek-agent packages are available on the releases page.

On the Zeek side, the Zeek Agent Framework provides the API access Zeek Agents, as well as some default scripts recording endpoint activity into Zeek logs.


The documentation has been moved to the Zeek Agent Wiki, and contains guides on building, configuring and extending the Zeek Agent project.

For convenience, the build and configuration guides can be accessed from the following links:


Zeek Agent supersedes an earlier osquery extension for Zeek that focused on providing osquery's tables to Zeek. Zeek Agent provides all the same functionality, but can operate independent from osquery as well. We plan to further extend the events/tables that the agent provides natively.


Zeek Agent comes with a BSD license, allowing for free use with virtually no restrictions. You can find it in LICENSE.

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