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Zeek NetControl connector scripts

This repository contains scripts that can be used to connect the Zeek NetControl framework to systems outside of Zeek and, e.g., send out switch commands via OpenFlow.

Please note that the NetControl framework and scripts is still under active development; the API is not completely fixed yet and the scripts have not seen thorough testing.

Installation Instructions

To use the connector scripts, you need to install a current master version of Zeek with commands similar to this:

git clone --recursive
cd zeek
./configure --prefix=[install prefix]
make install

To allow python to find the installed python Broker bindings, it might be necessary to adjust the PYTHONPATH variable similar to this:

export PYTHONPATH=[install prefix]/lib/zeekctl:[this directory]

after that, you should be able to launch the provided scripts.


The netcontrol directory contains a python API for the Broker backend of the Zeek netcontrol framework. This API converts the Zeek data structures into python dictionaries and allows to send back success and error messages to Zeek.

A simple example script is provided in the test directory. The API is also used by the command-line connector.

Command-line connector

The command-line directory contains a script that can be used to interface the NetControl framework to command-line invocations. commands.yaml shows an example that can be used to invoke iptables. An example script that simply blocks all connections is provided in example.zeek.

OpenFlow connector

The openflow directory contains the source for a Ryu OpenFlow controller, that can be used to interface the Zeek NetControl framework with an OpenFlow capable switch. To use the controller, you need to first install the Ryu SDN framework.

After installation, you can run the openflow controller by executing

ryu-manager --verbose openflow/

or similar. After that, OpenFlow switches should be able to connect to port 6633; Broker connections can be made to port 9999. An example script that shunts all connection traffic to a switch after an SSL, SSH or GridFTP session has been established is provided in example.zeek.

Acld connector

The acld directory contains the source for an connector to acld (more information). An example script that simply blocks all connections is provided in example.zeek.


Connectors for the Zeek NetControl framework




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