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can't reassemble entire packet when get [tcp acked unseen segment] #335

linpengstc opened this Issue Apr 12, 2019 · 1 comment


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linpengstc commented Apr 12, 2019

When analyse traffic mirror, I always get the content_gap event and zeek will not reassemble the entire package.
I think the reason is the ACK arrived before the the data package,

When I analyse the pcap in wireshark, I can see the a ACK marked as [TCP ACKed unseen segment]. Wireshark can reassemble the entire http package, but bro can't

I provide my pcap and bro script, run bro -r http_pkg7 http_header.bro



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jsiwek commented Apr 15, 2019

There's two bits of info that are relevant here:

  1. The TCP reassembly process in Zeek/Bro always moves forward and adjusts expectations based on the ACKs it sees. If an ACK is seen before the opposite TCP's associated data, then that is treated as a content gap at the moment the ACK is seen and that space in the global sequence is considered as being analyzed already. Any further data seen in the already-analyzed sequence space is just discarded.

  2. The HTTP analyzer isn't particularly resilient to content gaps. If it gets a content gap that is not entirely contained within an HTTP message body, it will not attempt to re-synchronize and analyze any further content.

Point (1) is more relevant than (2) here because this particular pcap doesn't have further content, but I mention it just in case you do run into it. I think both issues are non-trivial to address anytime soon:

To better deal with (1) we'd likely need more buffering mechanisms in the TCP reassembly process to understand the past reassembly history/state and delay reporting gaps -- maybe not a great thing to add to a system aimed more at real-time analysis. Ideally, the capture setup would would show us the data before the associated ACKs of that data.

Improvements to (2) likely won't happen until HTTP/MIME analyzers get re-written. You may be able to find some use in detecting this type of problem via the http_message_done event's http_message_stat parameter, which has an interrupted field that is true if a content gap interrupted the analysis.

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