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Development Roadmap

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We track our development roadmap through projects of the Github Zeek organization:

A few notes about our project maintenance:

  • The development team gets together at around the beginning of each release cycle to plan and review feature work for the upcoming releases.
  • We maintain organization-level projects to accommodate Zeek's complex repository structure. This allows us to view work going on in the various projects (Zeek itself, Spicy, the package manager, etc) in one place.
  • This means we cannot rely on Github's milestones, which only apply to individual repositories, to track everything going into a given Zeek release. Instead, we create a new project for each upcoming Zeek release.
  • We maintain boards for the main release lines (x.y), not for every patch release.
  • The project boards do not cover every single issue or PR merged for a given release; it would clutter the boards too much to do so. We aim to cover all planned work, plus any work that gets called out in our NEWS file, i.e., the release notes.
  • We often don't include external contributions for which we haven't yet received a PR. So depending on what people are working on externally, there may be more going into a release than you can immediately see through the project.

The boards therefore serve as an incomplete indicator of what the team is going to work on in the near-to-mid future. That said, please keep in mind that nothing's cast in stone here; we may add more to a release as a development cycle progresses, or bump items to later versions if priorities change.

If you are working on a contribution, please make sure to read our Contribution Guide.