🎷 Jazzy build tool for sophisticated front-end development.
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Jazzy build tool for sophisticated front-end development.

Bebop is a rapid web development tool with a built-in http server, preprocessing workflow support and intelligent browser reloading, freeing you to hit the keys like an undead techno-zombie Charlie Parker.


$ npm install -g bebop

If you use bebop's static file serving feature it will automatically inject the Javascript required. If you want to enable something similar for your own connec/express apps you can use bebop.middleware, or link directly to bebop-client/bebop.js.


Change to the directory in which your application resides and run bebop.

$ cd ~/myapp
$ bebop


› bebop --help
bebop [options] [file]

  --compile, -c   Compile files and exit
  --compilers,    Specify compiler to use for a given extension
  --config,       Specify bebop.coffee to use
  --exclude, -x   Exclude files for watching, compiling
  --force-reload  Force reload when file is compiled
  --host, -h      Hostname to bind to
  --include, -i   Include files for watching, compiling
  --no-compile    Do not compile files automatically
  --no-server     Do not run static file server
  --no-watch      Do not watch files for changes
  --open, -o      Open browser automatically
  --port, -p      Port to listen on
  --pre           Command to execute first
  --secure, -s    Require authentication
  --static-dir    Directory used as root for static file server
  --work-dir      Directory used as root for compiling, watching

  --help          Display this message
  --version, -v   Display version


You can configure Bebop by creating a .bebop file in either your home directory or the root of your project. If you use an extension of .coffee it will be imported as a coffeescript module. Properties exported in this module will be used to override the defaults used.

Example .bebop configuration file

fs        = require 'fs'
path      = require 'path'
requisite = require 'requisite'

module.exports =
  port: 3000

    jade: (src) ->
      # only compile index.jade file
      if /index.jade$/.test src
        "jade --pretty #{src} --out #{path.dirname src}"

    # use requisite to bundle client-side coffee script files
    coffee: (src, dst, cb) ->
      requisite.bundle {entry: src}, (err, bundle) ->
        return cb err if err?

        fs.writeFileSync dst, bundle.toString()
        cb null, true

Editor integration

Integration with vim is provided by vim-bebop. You can do all sorts of fancy stuff like evaluate Javascript, Coffeescript, get completions, etc.