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chainable Build Status

Create fluent asynchronous APIs.


Extend the Chainable class and use the chainable combinator to designate asynchronous methods as being chainable. Methods wrapped with the chainable combinator will be treated as chainable when they are not passed a callback. Each method in the chain will be executed in series, passing it's result to the next method. Pass a callback to the final method to end the chain and begin computation.


chainable = require 'chainable'

class Calculator extends chainable
  numbers: []

  number: chainable (number, callback) ->
    @numbers.push number
    callback null

  add: chainable (callback) ->
    result = 0
    while n = @numbers.pop()
      result += n

    callback null, result

  wait: chainable (callback) ->
    setTimeout ->
      callback null
    , 100

test = new Test()
    .add (err, result) ->
        # result == 9