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Command line todo.

  hoodoo is a task management app. tasks can be tagged, searched, sorted.

commands available
  add <name> #<tag>    add a new task
    alias: +
    opt: created=<date> due=<date> done=True/False, tags

  edit <index>         edit a task
    alias: e
    opt: name=<name> created=<date> due=<date> done=True/False, tags

  del <index>          delete a task
    alias: rm, -

  done <index>         mark task as done
    alias: x

  list                 list tasks
    alias: ls

  search <query>       search through tasks by name or tag
    alias: default action if arguments do not match options

  set <name>           switch to another set, if it does not exist create it

  sets                 list sets

  to be able to tag without quotes with most shells you will
  probably need to disable globbing. for zsh add this alias:
  alias hoodoo='noglob python path/to/'


Autocompletion available for ZSH see: zsh/_hoodoo.