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exec = require 'executive'
option '-g', '--grep [filter]', 'test filter'
task 'clean', 'clean lib/', ->
exec 'rm -rf lib/'
task 'build', 'compile src/*.coffee to lib/*.js', ->
exec './node_modules/.bin/coffee -bc -m -o lib/ src/'
task 'watch', 'watch for changes and recompile project', ->
exec './node_modules/.bin/coffee -bc -m -w -o lib/ src/'
task 'test', 'run tests', (options) ->
tests = options.tests ? 'test/integration'
if options.grep?
grep = "--grep #{options.grep}"
grep = ''
exec "NODE_ENV=test node_modules/.bin/mocha
--compilers coffee:coffee-script
--reporter spec
--require test/_helper.js
--timeout 15000
task 'test:unit', 'run tests', (options) ->
options.tests = 'test/unit/'
invoke 'test'
task 'test:integration', 'run integration tests', (options) ->
options.tests = 'test/integration/'
invoke 'test'
task 'publish', 'Publish current version to npm', ->
exec [
'cake build'
'git push'
'npm publish'