helps editing xml (and [x]html, sgml, xslt) files
Vim script
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Fix some bug by othree.

This is a mirror of

A plugin for editing xml. I used xml.vim (
The script does retain most of the functionality of the original xml.vim 
 - closing tags while you type
 - optional adding attributes
 - and more
 - % matches end or begin tag
it adds:
 - fold tags, comments and Cdata 
 - add start tag
 - add end tags
 - add  tag around a visual blok or a tag,
 - join 2 adjacent same tags
 - delete tag
 - delete tag section
 - change a tag 
 - visual mode  (blocks, listitems
The documentation will be created once the script is loaded e.g edit a xml file.
Read the help documentation by typing from within vim  :help xml-plugin