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Coffee machine v2 source code
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Coffee machine v2

Coffee machine v2 source code. Check for info.

Dummy environment controls

The dummy environment (automatically chosen if architecture != armv6l) allows for simulating the coffee machine on a desktop computer. The following buttons can be used to control it:

  • w, q: state switch buttons
  • 1,2,3,4,5: number buttons
  • space bar: start button
  • Ctrl + C in the terminal (sometimes needed twice :-)): quit


Check the defaults directory.

Work in progress

  • Most texts and variables were originally written in Dutch. Some are already translated to English.
  • In an initial version, the MPD client connected to an MPD server on the Pi itself, while the files were accessed over CIFS/SMB. Currently, it connects to an MPD server on a different computer, and uses snapserver/snapclient to play music in sync on both computers. Code for both still is in the repository.


Read for the background and the neccesary files


  • software/ is public domain, unknown licence (from
  • firmware/twi* is licenced under 'GNU General Public Licence'
  • all other code is either mine or very trivial, and published under GPLv3
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