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Photobucket strategy for OmniAuth
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OmniAuth Photobucket

A Photobucket strategy for OmniAuth 1.0.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'omniauth-photobucket'

And then run bundle.


use OmniAuth::Builder do

# or in your devise config:
config.omniauth :photobucket, PHOTOBUCKET_KEY, PHOTOBUCKET_SECRET

Auth Hash Schema

The following information is provided back to you for this provider:

  provider: 'photobucket',
  uid: 'photobucket_username',
  info: {
    name:     'photbucket_username',
    nickname: 'photbucket_username',
    urls: {
      home: '',
      # You'll need to store this for some API calls
      api_subdomain: ''
  credentials: {
    token:  'the_token',
    secret: 'the_secret'
  extra: { 
    # check this out for a few other small things
    raw_info: raw_info_from_request
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