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Colortuner is a simple utility to allow you tuning your color scheme using sliders. It can make any color scheme look great with very little effort.




Use your favorite package manager to install:

  • Pathogen
    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-colortuner
  • Vundle
    • Plugin 'zefei/vim-colortuner'
  • NeoBundle
    • NeoBundle 'zefei/vim-colortuner'


Once installed, you can type :Colortuner to open the tuner panel, then just use normal movement keys to adjust settings. Tuner settings are persisted to disk on a per-colorscheme basis.


values: list of strings
default: []
example: ['zenburn', 'solarized', 'cake16']
    Colortuner rotates among these colorschemes when you adjust the 
    colorscheme option in tuner panel. If empty list (default) is set, 
    colortuner will rotate among all installed colorschemes.

values: 0 or 1
default: 0
    Colortuner by default tries to avoid over-saturation when tuning 
    brightness or contrast. This might result in under-saturated colors. You 
    can set this option to 1 to reverse the effect.

values: string
default: '~/.vim-colortuner'
    This option sets the file path of tuner panel settings.

values: 0 or 1
default: 1
    Colortuner is enabled at start if this option is set.


Q: Does colortuner support vim in terminal?

A: Currently no, since true color support is essential for tuning colors. However, Neovim has support for true color terminals, and colortuner supports Neovim in the terminal. But notice that at the moment very few terminals work well with Neovim true color mode.

Q: How can I save tuned colorscheme?

A: You can press 'y' in the colortuner window to yank all color values to current register, then 'p'ut it wherever you want.


MIT License.