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Welcome to the Blender Python Recipes wiki!
curated and opinionated snippets for bpy
(Work In Progress until this message goes)

Scripting examples are listed in the section to the right. Use the pages dropdown menu (with the arrow) if you need to search by term.

  • :lock: means i've not put much time into it
  • :wrench: means some content was added but there's more where that came from
  • no emojii means it's OK for the time being.

Why Recipes?
The bpy documentation is mostly auto-generated and tends to be (October 2015) rather sparse on details; that's fine for most confident python-heads, but people trying to learn python and bpy benefit more from seeing many short samples. A github markdown based wiki is a convenient way to collect snippets and allow people to contribute updates and fixes.

The snippets assume some familiarity with Python and Blender terminology. If you are new to Python you might pick up a lot of techniques by experimenting with the examples and breaking / fixing / augmenting them. The aim here isn't strictly to teach Python, but Python docs are referenced when it makes sense.

Some of these snippets are written for one off projects, others are taken from code collected at Blenderscripting.blogspot or answers given on Blender.stackexchange.

I have no interest in doing this alone. Make a new issue about a topic if you think it can be augmented with more information. Content will not be included without consent of whoever wrote the code, I will assume any contributors have the right to submit code, submissions found to ignore this request will be rewritten or removed.

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