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@zeffy zeffy released this May 17, 2018 · 4 commits to micro since this release


Some of the features I implemented in the last version of wufuc have turned out to not be as useful as I thought, or caused more problems than they were worth (crash detection, API hooking, etc). So I brought wufuc back to basics with this version.

Changes in this release

  • Removed crash-detection. (fixes #148)
  • Removed all injection and API hooking routines. (fixes #146 and hopefully #147)
  • Patching routines are now fully external:
    • Way more stable and less invasive, crashes and hangs should be pretty much non-existent.
    • Re-introduces the incompatibility with UpdatePack7R2 or other software that modify wuauserv's ServiceDll value in the registry. You can still work around this manually by using the provided Restore_wuauserv.reg file.
    • Introduces a potential race condition where the "Unsupported hardware" popup could display for a short period of time before wufuc is able to patch it. Should this happen, just close the popup and it should not display again.
  • Changed the log file text encoding format from UTF-16LE (without BOM) to UTF-8 (without BOM) to improve compatibility with various text editors. Because of this, the log file is now located at C:\ProgramData\wufuc\wufuc.1.log.
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