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Adia is a web language developed using Clojure. It currently uses MongoDB for data storage.

Installation instructions

First, install leiningen, e.g. by following these instructions. Then, install MongoDB if you haven't already. Launch the MongoDB server.

Then, cd to the directory where you keep your git repositories, then clone Adia's git repository and let leiningen download all its dependencies:

git clone git://
cd adia
lein deps

Edit the bin/adia script and change the ADIA_PATH variable, e.g.:


Make sure the adia script is executable and on your PATH (or just type in the path to the script every time, if you prefer):

chmod +x bin/adia
export PATH=$PATH:~/mygit/adia/bin

Now you can create a new project somewhere:

adia new

This will ask for a project name, for instance helloworld. Then cd into that directory and run it:

cd helloworld
adia run

A server will now be started at port 8080, go to http://localhost:8080 to see your application running.


See examples/wiki for a very simple wiki application. You can run this application similarly:

cd ~/mygit/adia/examples/wiki
adia run


Sorry, the documentation is very limited right now.