SDR# HackRF plugin
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SDR# HackRF plugin beta

SDR# is developped by Youssef Touil and available on

SDR# Source code:

Required libs:

  1. LibusbX 1.0.15 (or later but tested only with this one) Use the file libusbx-1.0.15-win.7z\libusbx-1.0.15\MinGW32\dll\libusb-1.0.dll

  2. Install MinGW (especially to rebuild libhackrf and for pthreadGC2.dll)

  3. libhackrf.dll (from To be built in directory hackrf/host/libhackrf/src

  4. Install SDRSharp latest trunk from Install it in for example sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp directory

How to build and use SDR# + HackRF plugin:

  1. Checkout sdrsharp from

  2. Copy sdrsharp_hackrf\src\HackRF directory and files to sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp\

  3. Launch SDRSharp.sln and add project HackRF

  4. Choose Release and x86 and Clean Solution then Rebuild Solution -> Now all is built in directory sdrsharp\trunk\Release

  5. Copy sdrsharp\trunk\Release* (except *.pdb/manifest) to sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp* (from Install SDRSharp)

  6. Edit file sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp\SDRSharp.exe.config and add the following line after line frontendPlugins: <add key="HackRF / USB" value="SDRSharp.HackRF.HackRFIO,SDRSharp.HackRF" />

  7. Extract libusbx-1.0.15-win.7z\libusbx-1.0.15\MinGW32\dll\libusb-1.0.dll to sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp\

  8. Copy hackrf/host/libhackrf/src/libhackrf.dll to sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp\

  9. Copy from mingw/bin/pthreadGC2.dll to sdrsharp_hackrf\bin\sdrsharp\