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The Caspar framework is found in the caspar/ subfolder of the download (or in
the repository on github).
In addition to this, there are two other main folders:
* "application" - this is where your application is located, including routing
configuration, database configuration, class files, etc.
* "public" - this is the webroot folder. You can either set up url rewriting
so this folder is the documentroot for the server where your
application is located, or edit the public/index.php so the
basepath (CASPAR_PATH) is correct.
By default, Caspar expects the application/ subfolder to be located "next to"
the caspar/ folder. If you want to put the Caspar framework files in one
specific location, you can specify a custom CASPAR_APPLICATION_PATH f.ex. in
It's a good idea to symlink the folders in application/resources to folders
inside the webroot (by default this is the public/ folder), so you have these
resources available from the webroot. A barebone public folder will then look
like this:
- css -> ../application/resources/css
- js -> ../application/resources/js
- images -> ../application/resources/images
When this is set up, your application is self-contained within the application/
To get started, update application/configuration/caspar.yml and set the
core -> url setting to the correct url, then access this url via your web
browser and you should be all set.
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