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@zegl zegl released this Aug 10, 2020 · 71 commits to master since this release

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And now onto our regularly scheduled release notes:


  • #289 Added a new --kubernetes-version flag to score. Set --kubernetes-version to the version of Kubernetes in use to tailor the recommendations to that specific version. The "Stable version" score has been modified to only recommend upgrades to APIs that are GA in the user specified version of Kubernetes.
  • #282 Add release binaries for arm and arm64

Changes: Ingress

  • #290 Added support for the Ingress API
  • #291 If using Kubernetes v1.14 or later, recommend to use the Ingress API instead of extensions/v1beta1

Changes: Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

  • #288 Support HPA v2beta1 and v2beta2. All features previsouly supported only for HPAv1 are now supported for these versions as well.
  • #287 New score "Deployment targeted by HPA does not have replicas configured"

This release contains contributions from: Gustav Westling, Manuel Rüger


  • Download the binaries from the GitHub release page
  • Download the image from Docker Hub: zegl/kube-score:v1.8.0
  • Download the image from Docker Hub with Helm or Kustomize pre-installed: zegl/kube-score:v1.8.0-helm, zegl/kube-score:v1.8.0-kustomize
  • Download from homebrew: brew install kube-score/tap/kube-score
  • Download with krew: kubectl krew install score

Docker images

  • docker pull zegl/kube-score:v1.8.0-helm
  • docker pull zegl/kube-score:latest-helm
  • docker pull zegl/kube-score:v1.8.0-kustomize
  • docker pull zegl/kube-score:latest-kustomize
  • docker pull zegl/kube-score:v1.8.0
  • docker pull zegl/kube-score:latest
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