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Github Actions: Testing & Linting

This plugin can be used to create a dynamic pipeline based on your git diff. This requires TWO pipeline files in total and uses docker to run the plugin:

  • initial_pipeline - The one that tells buildkite to load the plugin
  • dynamic_pipeline - The pipeline which you want to run, but have steps skipped based on conditions held in the initial

But what about mono-repo-diff, it is designed to spin up multiple pipelines based on your git diff. The purpose of this plugin is to spin up a single pipeline based on your git diff. For another similar concept check out the gitlab plugin onlychangesexceptchanges

Getting Started

Please see the below examples on how to use this plugin with buildkite. The buildkite-agent also requires access to docker.



  - label: ":partyparrot: Creating the pipeline"
      - Zegocover/git-diff-conditional#v1.1.1:
          dynamic_pipeline: ".buildkite/dynamic_pipeline.yml"
            - label: "build and deploy lambda"
                - "function_code/*"


  - label: "build and deploy lambda"
      - make lambda
      queue: awesome
    timeout_in_minutes: 10

  - wait

  - label: "terraform apply"
      - terraform apply
      queue: awesome
    timeout_in_minutes: 10

The above example initial_pipeline will skip the build and deploy lambda step unless there has been a change to the function_code directory. Everything else in the dynamic_pipeline file will be left intact and passed through to buildkite. It is possible to configure numerous label fields, using the configuration options below.


Option Required Type Default Description
dynamic_pipeline Yes string The name including the path to the pipeline that contains all the actual steps
disable_plugin No boolean false This can be used to pass the entire dynamic_pipeline pipeline straight to buildkite without skipping a single step.
diff No string Can be used to override the default commands (see below for a better explanation of the defaults) Pass a comma-seperated string of git diff commands if you want multiple custom git diff commands run
log_level No string INFO The Level of logging to be used by the python script underneath. Pass DEBUG for verbose logging if errors occur
steps Yes array Each Step should contain a label with the include/exclude settings relevant to the label it applies to within the dynamic_pipeline file
label Yes string The label these conditions apply to within the dynamic_pipeline file. (These should be an EXACT match)
include No array If any element is found within the git diff then this step will NOT be skipped
exclude No array If any alement is found within the git diff then this step will be SKIPPED

Other useful things to note:

  • Both include and exclude make use of Unix shell-style wildcards (Look at .gitignore files for inspiration)
  • Every label defined within the initial_pipeline should contain include, exclude or both

diff command

The default diff commands are (run in the order shown):

# Used to check if on a feature branch and check diff against master
git diff --name-only origin/master...HEAD

# Useful for checking master against master in a merge commit strategy environment
git diff --name-only HEAD HEAD~1

Both of the above commands are run, in their order listed above to detect if there is any diff. If there isn't any diff then there will be no dynamic_pipeline uploaded. If you wish to disable the plugin temporarily then see the above Configuration

Depending on your merge strategy, you might need to use different diff commands.

We are assuming that you are using a squash and merge strategy on the master branch


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details