A bunch of reusable junk for my own work. Pretty much reinventing the wheel, forever.
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My own AS3 frameworks. Used regularly on my own work created for Firstborn or personal projects.

This has everything put together and a little bit of a cross-dependency between packages (although I try to make packages as self-sufficient as possible).

Contents of notable importance:

  • com.zehfernando.net.assets.AssetLibrary - Dynamic Asset library manager. Used for loading XMLs, JSONs and stuff, and keeping them in memory and accessible in a static context.

  • com.zehfernando.data.Color - Helpful color class, for quicker manipulation.

  • com.zehfernando.models.GameLooper - A class for proper code looping, especially for games. ENTER_FRAME on steroids.

  • com.zehfernando.input.binding.KeyActionBinder - A class for binding more abstract "actions" to Keyboard or GameInput (game controller) events. Used for easier game input in things like the OUYA (uses AIR). Hosted at its own repository, but copied here for reference.

  • com.zehfernando.display.components.RichTextSprite - TLE-based rich text element. Powerful, but still lacking some features.

  • com.zehfernando.display.containers.* - ImageContainer, VideoContainer, YoutubeVideoContainer, and other containers with a common API for size control and loading/unloading.

  • com.zehfernando.display.decorators.* - My decorators, to avoid using a lot of getters/setters or "special" tweenings for objects.

  • com.zehfernando.display.progressbars.* - Simple, value-attenuated progress bars.

  • com.zehfernando.display.shapes.* - Simple shapes like circles, boxes, triangles and others, for code-based shape building.

  • com.zehfernando.localization.* - Classes for external text maintenance and localization.

  • com.zehfernando.navigation.* - Classes for internal navigation (SWFAddress). Very much work in progress and still with a few internal hacks.

  • com.zehfernando.net.* - Classes for queued loading, and limited APIs for common usage (Bit.Ly, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Face.com).

  • com.zehfernando.utils.* - Bunch of utils that don't really fit anywhere else now.

Package names, class locations, and overall structure can and will change at will (I'm refactoring-happy).