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HP ProLiant Firmware Update Downloader

Checking manually for new firmware updates is tedious work. This is a toolset
for automation of this process.

To automatically download the catalog and what the authors decided to be
relevant firmware updates, just:

  $ make download

It's up to the user to select the newest firmware and apply it ;)

If you need other firmware, modify download_fw.py. Also note that HP apparently
doesn't properly tag some firmware updates, so this tool can't decide what's
the correct newer firmware. This especially applies to the power management
controller firmware. You'll need to download these manually.

For licensing information, please see the file COPYING.

JSON Output data (catalog.json)

"sw_keys" seems to be what HP uses to identify the hardware component.
Different firmware updates for the same hardware component will carry the same

Known components <-> sw_keys:
  * RAID controllers: PCI ID
  * System ROM: some ID
  * ILO: some ID
  * Power Management Controllers: "PowerPIC-*"
  * Hard drives: Vendor ID (e.g. "ST31000340NS")


You will need make, xsltproc, Python 2.6 or Python 2.5 + simplejson installed on
your system.

On a Debian system install the following packages using APT:

  apt-get install make python-simplejson xsltproc