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Boldo 🌱

An open source prototype tool with shared context.

Demo boldo


There are fantastic prototype tools in the market, but choosing one requires you to compromise whether in creative freedom or in an powerful outcome. Boldo comes as a prototype tool focused on sharing information within the softwares used in the design process, with a simple and easy code syntax to give creative freedom for new ideas, without stressing about your code.

The way we envision boldo is by using svelte under the hood: it allows you to write simple HTML, CSS and JS with all the modern web development tooling. Plus, integration with Figma, to avoid redrawing the designs and to create a shared context between the softwares.

Get started

We are still working to find the best way to install and start a new project. As a proof of concept, you can start a new project cloning the repository and follow the steps:

1 - Install the dependencies

npm install

2 - Link your figma file

npm run link

3- Start project

npm run dev

Navigate to localhost:5000. You should see your app running.


For easy testing and iteration, To be easy to test and iterate we are using a single repository with four touchpoints: the prototype you are working on ./project, the scripts to fetch and parse Figma boldo/scripts, the components with methods and syntax sugar /boldo/components, and the editor to help controlling the canvas and the prototype presentation /boldo/editor

The next steps are:

  • Expanding the components library like Framer Classic, with a ScrollComponent, Page Component, Gestures Components...
  • Growing the editor with a helpful GUI and potentially taking out of the browser and moving to an electron app.
  • Starting to dig deeper to convert all Figma properties to a styled markup, in the most efficient way.
  • Writing a good documentation

After completion of these tasks, we will probably split this directory into the other three boldo-editor, boldo-components, boldo-figma-connect, and have a CLI bootstrap npx create-boldo-project inside a boldo organization.

Join and contribute to build the prototype tool we have always dreamed of.


MIT, see for details.


A reactive open source prototype tool








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