A Sketch plugin that lets you carry your most used properties close to your mouse.
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Sketch Pochette

Why this Plugin?

Every time you want to edit your elements precisely, you need to travel with your mouse to the panel inspector. So to avoid this repeated movement, sketch-pochette brings the properties close to where your mouse is. Thinking about how Painting artists carry their brushes and colors in a pallet; as digital artists, we need our tools closely too.

Bonus point bumbags are cool again.


  1. Download and open sketch-pochette-master.zip.
  2. Double click on sketchpochette.sketchplugin to install.


You can quickly access your pochette window by using the keyword shortcut Cmd + `.

Shortcut Function
Cmd + ` Open bumbag panel

Help wanted

  • Add a preference window to help you choose what proprieties you want to carry in your bumbag
  • Add typography
  • Add color picker
  • Resize options
  • Alignments

What do you think? Contact me at Twitter our open an issue to contribute.

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