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UIOrderedTableView is a iOS5 sample projct for the iPhone/iPod.
The sample uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).

It shows how to implement a to-many relationships and realize ordering in a UITableView. It is just based to the code created by the XCode 4.2.1 wizard. 

The datamodel is only the Event class refer itself (subItems) by a to-many relationship.

The data binding for the new ordered relationship to a UITableView needs still improvment. e.g. you have the implement event handling for add/delete for your own and iCloud doesn't support  ordered relationship yet.

Therefore the typical solution is to add a addtional attribute to store the order and use a  NSFetchedResultsController to manage to view. 

This implementation use a double value for the displayOrder and updates only the object  which the user reordered. The example shows the displayOrder in the table to see the value.

There is a known problem, if someone move a row to often e.g. to the same row index and the double is to small. :)  In this case a reordering is required :) (TODO) 

Here some links

All my code changes are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); Copyright (c) 2012 Stephan Zehrer
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