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Colorful Vim color scheme with 256 color terminal support.

Designed for high readability and optimal visibility of every element, and to be eye comfortable as well.


You can install it via Vundle or Pathogen, alternatively, just copy kolor.vim to ~/.vim/colors (on Windows <your-vim-dir>\vimfiles\colors). Or for global accessibility, /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/colors.

Then add the line colorscheme kolor in your vimrc file, and restart Vim.

For Arch Linux users, there is also a PKGBUILD available in the AUR, created by graysky.


Options must be set before the line colorscheme kolor.

let g:kolor_italic=1                    " Enable italic. Default: 1
let g:kolor_bold=1                      " Enable bold. Default: 1
let g:kolor_underlined=0                " Enable underline. Default: 0
let g:kolor_alternative_matchparen=0    " Gray 'MatchParen' color. Default: 0


This color scheme is dedicated to the Ugandan children (see Vim's website).

How about donating to them? And if you donate, please, let me know.


If you like vim-kolor don't forget to vote for it! (Vimscript #4339).

Support & Development

Feel free to contribute, develop ports or report any problems. I'll be happy to give my support.