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Best is a bare test runner. It looks for test sources, finds exported functions, and runs them - without requiring any imports or exposing any globals.

All functions are awaited upon, but run in series.


Best can be installed with either yarn or npm.

$ yarn add --dev @zeit/best
$ npm install --save-dev @zeit/best


  best v0.1.0

  A dead simple test runner.

  - Export your functions and they're evaluated
  - Function names become test names
  - Exported functions are awaited upon


    best --help
    best [-I /dir/or/file [-I ...]] [-T] [test_name...]

    test_names's correspond to the name of the exported functions within test sources,
    and are prefixed with the path of the source file (sans extension) in which it was defined.

    For example, the following test function inside test/foo.js:

        export async function my_example_test() {
            assert(foo === bar);

    would translate to the test_name:


    Specify one or more (optional) test_name's to only run certain tests (or prefix
    with - to skip the named test).


    --help                          Shows this help message

    -v, --verbose                   Shows more verbose test results

    -I, --include /dir/or/file      Uses one or more directories/files as test sources.
                                    Defaults to ./test/**/*.js if no include directives
                                    are specified


Best is copyright © 2018 by ZEIT, Inc. and released under the MIT License.