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bnb commented Jul 15, 2016 edited

Just downloaded and installed, noticed the scroll bar isn't being styled or modified as I would have expected and have seen in previous releases...

screen shot 2016-07-15 at 3 47 24 pm

On hovering, moving from right to left (NOT left to right), of a very small vertical region on the right side of Hyperterm. Normal without hovering.

kinduff commented Jul 15, 2016

I'm able to reproduce following the next steps:

  1. Open new terminal
  2. Hover where the scroll bar is supposed to appear
  3. Press Enter key to add a new line until the scroll bar appears
  4. Scrollbar should look thicker and uglier than the regular one
  5. Hover out and scroll up and the regular scrollbar should appear

Yeah I am seeing the same thing. Something like Visual Code's scrollbar would be nice :)

rauchg commented Jul 21, 2016

I can't reproduce this O.o

rauchg commented Jul 21, 2016


bnb commented Jul 21, 2016

@rauchg Is there anything I can give you to help find it?

raul commented Jul 22, 2016

I can reproduce as well. As a stopgap I've added ::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; } to the termCSS config.


I can also reproduce this.

MrRio commented Aug 4, 2016

This looks like the regular scrollbar to me:

::-webkit-scrollbar {
  background: transparent;
  width: 6px;
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
  border-radius: 5px;
  background: grey;
@rauchg rauchg added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 8, 2017
@micopc @rauchg micopc + rauchg Scrollbar Fix on Mac. Fixes issue #100 (#1354)
* Fix Scrollbar appearance on webkit mac

* fix linting issues
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