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rainerborene commented Nov 25, 2016 edited


Sometimes when I type a command that does not exist it shows that blank page.

screenshot from 2016-11-25 12 57 21

Is it possible to disable web preview stuff?


heh, I also have random white screen issues (esp. when using tmux). you can hide it by doing

  uid: store.getState().sessions.activeUid

if you want to disable all web stuff,
just intercept the SESSION_URL_SET action in a plugin middleware and don't call next:

// ~/.hyper_plugins/disableweb/index.js

exports.middleware = (store) => (next) => (action) => {
  if (action.type !== 'SESSION_URL_SET') {
  } else {
    console.log('Intercepted SESSION_URL_SET')

then add disableweb to your local plugins in ~/.hyper.js. You can use cmd+r to refresh/reload plugins while the terminal is open.

This is the same pattern I used, but the other way around, in my imgcat plugin:

ppot commented Nov 26, 2016

@rainerborene Does your command include a URL?

rainerborene commented Nov 27, 2016 edited

@ppot no

@rauchg rauchg closed this in #1259 Dec 17, 2016
jrop commented Dec 20, 2016

I am running into this when entering a non-existent command within TMUX. For example, if I enter the command "asdf", then the isUrlCommand(shell, data) {...} function erroneously interprets data as a URL:

// Variable capture from within isUrlCommand(shell, data) {...}
shell = "zsh"
data = "\u001b[1;84r\u001b[H\r\nzsh: command not found: asdf\u001b[1;85r\u001b[H\u001b[2B"
matcher = "zsh: (?:(?:command not found)|(?:no such file or directory)): ((?:https?:\/\/)|(?:file:\/\/)|(?:\/\/))?([^\n]+)"
match = ["zsh: command not found: asdf\u001b[1;85r\u001b[H\u001b[2B", undefined, "asdf\u001b[1;85r\u001b[H\u001b[2B"]
protocol = undefined
path = "asdf\u001b[1;85r\u001b[H\u001b[2B"
domain = "asdf\u001b[1;85r\u001b[H\u001b[2B"
result = "1"
return "http://1"

As you can see, isUrlCommand is erroneously interpreting the string as being a URL. Can this issue be opened back up?

jrop commented Dec 20, 2016

It seems this was fixed in this commit: b2f67c7

If I clone the repo and run npm run dev/npm run app, this problem is fixed. When will this be released as an official build? This is the only thing keeping me from using Hyper.js right now.

ppot commented Dec 20, 2016

Yes @jrop I fixed it in #1259

rauchg commented Dec 31, 2016

URL handling has been vastly improved on 1.0.1! Thanks for the reports 🙏

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