Try to cd into non-existent directory with period/dot in name crashes Hyperterm #594

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To reproduce:

$ cd

If the directory does not exist, the app will crash.


Can't reproduce. Works as expected for me:

cd: no such file or directory:

Does it matter where you execute the command?


Nope. Could be anywhere. Happens when I am SSH'd into a remote server, or local.

Here's a video of it crashing:

Version 0.7.1 (

ppot commented Aug 9, 2016

@DaveFlynn @dj-hedgehog I tested the behavior and it result into BASH problem only.
I tested the call cd and Hyperterm crashed. However on ZSH it does the expected behavior.

cd: no such file or directory:


It would be awesome if any of you would checkout the source code, npm i && npm run start, replicate the problem and tell us if the log shows anything useful.

MrRio commented Aug 9, 2016 edited

'' appears to be matching isUrlCommand and triggering
a SESSION_URL_SET. I think we should maybe consider moving this
functionality to a plugin? CC @rauchg

rauchg commented Dec 31, 2016

URL handling has been vastly improved on 1.0.1! Thanks for the reports 🙏

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