Text pasted has white background on white #819

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jdsimcoe commented Oct 7, 2016

When I paste any text in to Hyper.app the pasted text shows white background on white:

screen shot 2016-10-07 at 1 38 37 pm

I have no plugins.

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flybayer commented Oct 7, 2016

Does this still happen if you temporarily comment out all of your custom configuration and plugins?


fwiw I saw that behaviour too a few times, after trying to replicate it and restarting Hyper multiple times it seems to be fine now ¯_(ツ)_/¯


have seen this today


@flybayer I commented everything out and it still happens.

muescha commented Oct 10, 2016 edited

the white on white in nano editor (#838) is without any plugin enabled. a fresh install


@muescha I can reproduce.

jessemillar commented Oct 12, 2016 edited

I can also reproduce. If I change my foregroundColor to be partially transparent (e.g. 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75)'), I can at least read the highlighted text, but it's far from perfect.

The same bug can be seen when using vim and selecting white text with the v visual selector.

Edit: I'm using zsh as my shell which is interesting considering @LukasMa's report below.

LukasMa commented Oct 14, 2016 edited

I can reproduce on OS X:
Hyper + zsh = NOT OK!
Hyper + bash = OK!
iTerm2 + zsh = OK!
iTerm2 + bash = OK!
(No modifications/plugins whatsoever!)


Fresh install. White on white in nano editor
screenshot 2016-10-14 17 42 38


Fresh install, fish shell, macOS Sierra (10.12)


knownasilya commented Oct 21, 2016 edited

Also happens for text like _my test_, which is an issue for markdown files with __my test__ (emphasis). If there was a class on that element, it would be possible to override the style, but no class exists..


The lack of classing on highlighted text has been my issue in attempting local mitigation as well...

LeonBlade commented Oct 26, 2016 edited

Fresh install, same problem. I'd rather use vim over nano anyway... but, it also effects pasted text.


I ran into this issue using hyper for the first time; both bash and zsh are affected for me.


I am also experiencing this issue after a first time install with zsh on macOS Sierra.


Same issue here with Sierra, hyper 0.8.3 and zsh.


Also affected. Sierra, hyper 0.8.3., zsh 5.2


Same issue here, Sierra: 10.12.1. Hyper: 0.8.3 ( Also using zsh.


Same issue here... Sierra 10.12.1 + Hyper: And I am also using zsh, with the agnostic theme. This makes Hyper pretty much unusable for me atm... 😢

4cm4k1 commented Nov 17, 2016 edited

Same issue here.

It’s probably been mentioned before somewhere else, but here’s a temporary workaround until the bug is fixed. Just add the following lines of code in your .hyper.js or by clicking Preferences in the menu bar:

module.exports = {
    config: {
        // custom css to embed in the terminal window (this comment is in .hyper.js by default)
        // below is temp workaround for nano & copy/paste whiteouts
        termCSS: 'span { background-color: transparent !important; }',

Works for me until it gets fixed. 😀

@cg433n cg433n referenced this issue in mdo/hyperterm-atom-dark Nov 21, 2016

Cannot see shortcut helpers when using nano #8

ppot commented Dec 2, 2016

This doesn't happen to me on resent master


I just downloaded hyper yesterday for the first time, no plugins, I have this issue when editing the preferences.

jdsimcoe commented Dec 5, 2016

Doesn't happen anymore for me on a recent master build.

ppot commented Dec 5, 2016

@CodeTheory You can mark this solved in resent master!

ppot commented Dec 15, 2016

Fix in #1218

@ppot ppot referenced this issue Dec 15, 2016

Fix text deselect #1218

@ppot ppot closed this in #1218 Dec 15, 2016
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