@rauchg rauchg released this Jan 9, 2017 · 23 commits to master since this release

20% faster bootup + bug fixes + better plugin DX

We improved bootup time by making the JS bundle 20% faster (parse and evaluation time).

We also fixed a race condition seen if you had special characters in the first data packet coming from the terminal (e.g.: the prompt), which could sometimes be rendered as follows:

Many other fixes from multiple contributors! Read on…

Minor Changes

  • Expose decorate to plugins: #1261
  • Use local config file in dev (fix #903): #904


  • Ensure line endings are correct on Windows: #1230
  • Prevent loosing focus after a char composition ended by Tab key (fix #1341): #1349
  • Scrollbar Fix on macOS (fix #100) #1354
  • Fix decoding race condition with new terminal sessions: #1366
  • 20% faster bootup time: #1350


Huge thanks to @timneutkens, @chabou, @paulcbetts, @micopc and @rauchg for their help!