@matheuss matheuss released this Mar 9, 2017 · 221 commits to master since this release

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Better perf, fewer bugs, unprecedented beauty


Cursor blink support

Set cursorBlink: true in ~/.hyper.js to get this:

2017-03-09 11 51 38

Beautiful selection ranges

We now synchronize the color of your caret with the selection range's styling. It's amazing

screen shot 2017-03-09 at 11 44 47 am


We are starting to roll out some nice performance improvements. This demo of rendering 3D objects using lots of (braille) characters now runs much more fluently on our testing device (Macbook 12)
2017-03-09 11 38 31

Better rendering of multiple tabs

UI font family is now configurable

Via the uiFontFamily setting. Allows you to create themes like this:

Improve CLI

Adds support for --help and --version. One of many improvements to come to the hyper CLI!

Bug fixes

Text flickering upon hover on certain platforms

Plugin Installation Error notification

An unfortunate alert that would show whenever you would launch Hyper is now gone. Sorry about that one.

Plugin installation on Windows

We now correctly handling using the right sub-shell on win32 to install plugins

Plugin installation on Fish shell

We now special case Fish to make it work

Fix config editing on Windows

Bash on Windows now launches the correct program for editing the config

Fix bad state when closing a group of terms

Meta improvements