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ZEIT Addon: Connect With GitHub

This ZEIT addon connects with a GitHub account and shows details of the connected user.

Run Locally

Install NPM dependencies with:

npm install

Then run this UiHook locally with:

now dev -p 5005

Then create a ZEIT integration and set the UiHook URI to: http:///localhost:5005

Deploy to Production


This is the URL of the app once you deployed into production. This is an alias you get when you deploy your app with now --target=production. Set that as the ROOT_URL env variable in your now.json file.

Create a GitHub OAuth app

First of all, create a GitHub OAuth app and get the client id and client secret. Then add these to the related environment variables defined in your now.json file.

While creating your app, GitHub asks for a callback URL. For that, add the following url:


Here, ROOT_URL is the URL you defined in your now.json file.

Deploy this UiHook to production with:

now --target=production

Then use the alias of your deployment as the new UiHook URI of your addon.

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