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The official website for Next.js
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Next.js website

The official website for Next.js


To submit a feature, bug fix, or enhancement to the website proceed as follows:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Within your terminal go to the www directory
  3. Run yarn to install the dependencies
  4. Once the dependencies are installed, run now dev or yarn dev to start the dev server on localhost:3000

We really appreciate any contribution.

Adding a showcase

  1. Capture a screenshot of the website with the recommended 3836x2200 resolution and .jpg format
  2. Copy website.jpg into www/static/images/showcases/
  3. Copy a 800x459 downscaled duplicate image into www/static/images/showcase-thumbnails/
  4. Optimize both images
  5. Update ./www/showcase-manifest.js

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