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Companies / Sites using Next.js #10640

timneutkens started this discussion Feb 22, 2020 · 88 replies · 16 points


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@timneutkens timneutkens posted Feb 22, 2020 Maintainer

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@zlwaterfield zlwaterfield replied Mar 4, 2020

Kopa (Furnished housing marketplace)

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@apollonian apollonian replied Feb 28, 2020 Contributor

At Devfolio, all the hackathon pages are powered by Next.js including ETHIndia, wmn and InOut.

Fold's landing page is also built with Next.js. We absolutely loved using API routes.


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@mmarcon91 mmarcon91 replied Feb 27, 2020

Valuta EX -

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@timneutkens timneutkens replied Feb 22, 2020 MaintainerAuthor

Also have a look at the Next.js showcase

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@klyburke klyburke replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

Thanks for the discussion @timneutkens

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@Janpot Janpot replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

Recently started this project which uses Next for its documentation website: nymus

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@tapsboy tapsboy replied Feb 28, 2020

Hello, we recently launched new Web Apps for our TV Networks; built with Next.js, GraphQL and lot of ❤️

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@emilpriver emilpriver replied Mar 1, 2020

none of the pages u provided is build with Nextjs ?

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@tapsboy tapsboy replied Mar 1, 2020

www sites are not. The above ones are

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@timneutkens timneutkens replied Mar 1, 2020 MaintainerAuthor

Assuming outside of the US it redirects all of them to

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@tapsboy tapsboy replied Mar 1, 2020

Ah yes..For EU... Sorry about that

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@emilpriver emilpriver replied Mar 1, 2020

My bad :D

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@benschwarz benschwarz replied Mar 6, 2020

Calibre's site is built with Next and hosted on ZEIT now 🌹

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@karimkawambwa karimkawambwa replied Feb 22, 2020

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@c0b41 c0b41 replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

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@carsonjones carsonjones replied Feb 22, 2020

We just launched our site on Zeit! Transitioned from react-static to Next:

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@madiodio madiodio replied Feb 22, 2020

Paps -

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@kachkaev kachkaev replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

🐸 njt / npm jump to 🐸 (
njt is a tool and a service that provides package navigation shortcuts. Its source code is on GitHub. The app automatically deploys to using Zeit's awesome integration into GitHub.

My personal mini-website ( 😁
Uses microservice architecture, source code is on GitLab. Next.js container (website-frontend) includes TypeScript, Apollo, styled-components and next-i18next, it automatically builds into a Docker container via GitLab CI/CD.

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@dimuska139 dimuska139 replied Feb 22, 2020

Site about animals and nature:

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@lachlanjc lachlanjc replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

Made a website visualizing the gun lobby’s funding of U.S. Congress:

A list of upcoming high school hackathons around the world:

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@patcito patcito replied Feb 22, 2020 to find react jobs and it is open source

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@vhpoet vhpoet replied Feb 22, 2020 (book recommendations).

Used next.js, next-sass, next-redux-saga, next-redux-wrapper, next-seo.

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@wceolin wceolin replied Feb 22, 2020

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@gragland gragland replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

Divjoy (built with Next.js and creates Next.js apps 🤗)

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@julianbenegas julianbenegas replied Feb 22, 2020 Contributor

La Derecha Diario, an Argentinian news site 🇦🇷🇦🇷

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@jooj123 jooj123 replied Feb 23, 2020 Contributor

Parts of are using Next.js (Australia's best property site !)
We are slowly migrating specific sections.

One such section already done is auction results for example:

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@RStankov RStankov replied Feb 23, 2020 is using Next.js

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@edwjusti edwjusti replied Feb 24, 2020

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@guykogel guykogel replied Feb 24, 2020

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@hugofabricio hugofabricio replied Feb 24, 2020

Superlógica Next 2020 -

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@adamlindqvist adamlindqvist replied Feb 24, 2020

Volvo Cars - Care by Volvo

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@kmariano kmariano replied Feb 25, 2020

We use next.js at SIBI

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@vugman vugman replied Feb 25, 2020 Contributor

Lemonade Insurance -

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@mertcan mertcan replied Feb 25, 2020 Contributor

90Pixel -
YazıyorumPRO -

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@bonny bonny replied Feb 25, 2020

Swedish teletext site

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@bzin bzin replied Feb 25, 2020

A dutch podcast about design

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@nghiepit nghiepit replied Feb 25, 2020 Contributor

Flight Ticket Booking App

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@iaincollins iaincollins replied Feb 25, 2020 Contributor

The Economist

Thanks Zeit! ❤️

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@boxersb boxersb replied Feb 25, 2020

A South Korean travel guide app (corp web)

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@dragosbulugean dragosbulugean replied Feb 25, 2020

Archbee - Team wiki, notes app, kb

Using Nextjs for everything:

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@kylemcd kylemcd replied Feb 25, 2020

Foxtrot just migrated over!

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@JeniaBR JeniaBR replied Feb 25, 2020

Went live like couple of hours ago 😎

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@foxundermoon foxundermoon replied Feb 25, 2020 Contributor

my personal website power by fully SSG


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@brianlovin brianlovin replied Feb 25, 2020

Security Checklist:
Design Details:
Personal site:

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@dwalkr dwalkr replied Feb 26, 2020

We're using it for!

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@lassiter lassiter replied Feb 26, 2020

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@ntltd ntltd replied Feb 26, 2020 Contributor

We are using it at Frichti!

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@yosuke-furukawa yosuke-furukawa replied Feb 27, 2020 Contributor

We are using Next.js at Hot Pepper Beauty cosme by Recruit Technologies.

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@ahmadawais ahmadawais replied Feb 27, 2020 Contributor

I built with Next.js and soon planning to move my course site and platform to that as well. Waiting for the SSG features.

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@emilpriver emilpriver replied Mar 1, 2020

This game was just launched by a dude in sweden. Made with Nextjs :D

Im not the creator of this game :)

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@emilpriver emilpriver replied Mar 1, 2020

I have build my site with Nextjs:

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@cosivox cosivox replied Mar 4, 2020 Contributor

Aggendi (Appointment automation tool)
LBM (Mexican Soccer League)

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@mgranados mgranados replied Mar 9, 2020 Contributor


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@aakashns aakashns replied Mar 5, 2020

We just switched to NextJS at, for our landing page and web application. We're already seeing huge wins with SSR and static exports.

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@skllcrn skllcrn replied Mar 6, 2020 Maintainer

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@ScottSmith95 ScottSmith95 replied Mar 6, 2020

a small studio —
Placed —
Thesis (Photos) —

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@swve swve replied Mar 7, 2020

Framestack : a website to help you make your next project —

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@maxigimenez maxigimenez replied Mar 8, 2020

Skuap: digital platform that uses personality tests to obtain actionable insights for leaders to create, manage and guide teams with confidence. -

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@s875515 s875515 replied Mar 9, 2020 Contributor

Wowtchout is a dashcam sharing website, Nextjs help us easy to implement the SSR for SEO and good structure to able to accelerate the development, don't even do too many configs can focus in development as long as using Next.js.

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@iNishant iNishant replied Mar 9, 2020 Contributor one of India's biggest educational websites

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@mgranados mgranados replied Mar 9, 2020 Contributor

Booktalk -

(My latest sideproject that is also a playground for testing Next.js and Now ❤️)

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@TreTuna TreTuna replied Mar 9, 2020

We're using it at Leafly!

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@charles4221 charles4221 replied Mar 10, 2020

In my day job for Guerrilla Agency (Gold Coast, Australia), I hand-coded every inch of the new Daifuku Airport Technologies site using Next.js:

These guys are a $4 billion USD company based in Japan who manufacture every piece of smart technology you see in airports globally (self-check-in, self-bag-drop, baggage carousel networks, smart security lanes etc). The frontend is Next.js with a headless multi-lingual WordPress backend and a custom proxy REST API in between to obscure the existence and location of WP.

After building that site, I immediately fell in love with Next.js and decided to redevelop my portfolio with it too. I just refactored it again today to make use of all the cool new static optimisation and built-in SASS features from Next.js v9.3:

Next to come will be Guerrilla's new website which I'm currently building also in Next.js, I just can't get enough! 🔥

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@mustafa-hanif mustafa-hanif replied Mar 10, 2020 Contributor

Our professional social network website is made in NextJS and hosted on Now, we use Algolia and Sanity to host our data.

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@vorcigernix vorcigernix replied Mar 10, 2020

Socialbakers -

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@AndreAffonso AndreAffonso replied Mar 10, 2020

A brazilian insurtech with more than 15000 customers

Pier -

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@gothy gothy replied Mar 10, 2020 Contributor

Turisto, online travel agency —

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@ozluy ozluy replied Mar 12, 2020, Algorithmic Trading Platform - Code-free crypto trading bots

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@oscarjes oscarjes replied Mar 16, 2020

ScreenCloud - Digital Signage Software Company

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@pooriamo pooriamo replied Mar 16, 2020 Contributor

An entertainment ticket selling startup.

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@kevinwolfdev kevinwolfdev replied Mar 16, 2020 - A website to track the status of the COVID-19 in Costa Rica. It is also open source

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@wootsbot wootsbot replied Mar 24, 2020 Contributor

React Next Boilerplate

🚀 A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with Next.js, best development practices and popular libraries in the developer community.

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@ericadamski ericadamski replied Mar 24, 2020

Almost everything I build will be using nextjs ❤️ Here are a few recent ones with more coming 😄

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@Aviortheking Aviortheking replied Mar 27, 2020 Contributor

Hi, I'm using Nextjs to build a Pokémon card Database and management website !
It's available in French at and en English at

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@opolo opolo replied Mar 29, 2020

Our company's platform is using it as well with great success! It does its job amazing <3
Company: hoodHeroes.
Purpose: The platform for citizens and experts to lookup and review brand sustainability*.

*In other words: It is the Yelp for brand sustainability.

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@chezhe chezhe replied Mar 30, 2020 crypto currency wallet imToken official website is built by next.js

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@ematipico ematipico replied Mar 30, 2020 Contributor

Bord Gáis Energy:

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@prajwalmr62 prajwalmr62 replied Apr 1, 2020

we are using it on our supporter platform:

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@diogocapela diogocapela replied Apr 1, 2020

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@DonovanCharpin DonovanCharpin replied Apr 1, 2020

Spacial - Coworking space management platform -

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@ochikala ochikala replied Apr 2, 2020

My website is built from the next js and server API by golang

tho tinh


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@franky47 franky47 replied Apr 2, 2020

My current stack is Next.js + Chakra UI ❤️

My personal website and blog: - (source on GitHub)
Chiffre, an analytics platform I'm working on: - (source on GitHub)

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@webdevstorage webdevstorage replied Apr 2, 2020

WariHash is a US-based company building a next-generation market for buying and selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hashing power. We're using Next.js on our marketplace site!

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@infinityfarm infinityfarm replied Apr 2, 2020

We're using it in some places at Spotify, e.g.

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@timneutkens timneutkens replied Apr 5, 2020 MaintainerAuthor also 🕵️‍♂️

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@franklinjavier franklinjavier replied Apr 5, 2020

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